June 16, 2021
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East Africa Opportunity

East Africa is emerging as a trade hub to rival sub-Saharan Africa’s two heavyweight states of South Africa and Nigeria, according to analysis by Barclays published on Thursday. However, the UK bank identifies five “sleeping giants” that present significant new for foreign companies; Ethiopia, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Mozambique, Tanzania and Ghana. .....Read More

India-Africa Trade: A Unique Relationship by Sherelle Jacobs

Trade between India and Africa has a long and distinguished history. It goes back thousands of years to the days when Indian traders, using the seasonal monsoon winds, sailed to the East coast of Africa in search of mangrove poles, elephant tusks, and gold and gemstones that made their way up from what is now Zimbabwe. This intensified with the establishment of Omani suzerainty in the 17th century over Zanzibar and its hinterland. .....Read More

Africa, Most Desirable Market for Indian Companies' Growth

Stephen Vaz, founder & CEO of Indo-African Business Consulting, has deep understanding of the opportunities that the fast growing African countries offer and the complex challenges they pose. As the head of IABC, he has been providing his clients unique insights that benefit their business strategies. In an exclusive interview Vaz, a technocrat with vast experience in varied business areas, shares his thoughts with Indo-African Business. Excerpts. .....Read More


Cash is dead. Long live cash!

Mobile cash to overtake physical cash by 2020

This might sound unreal, but if you think about how technology has changed the world in the past few decades, then it isn't so absurd. Worldwide, with the exception of just a few countries, the use of cash and paper based payment instruments account for the bulk of retail payments. We all know that cash as a payment medium is both expensive and inherently risky but it is still the most prevalent way to transact. We also know that electronic payments benefit each and every stakeholder in the financial ecosystem, but though there is an uptrend in the use of electronic payments, we still have some way to go before the electronic medium dominates the retail payment market. Cash comes out on top across consumer segments - banked and unbanked, as well as those individuals with a strong electronic payment history - all continue to carry coins and paper notes. Why? I see three broad groups: .....Read More

Tata Consulting Engineers Limited acquires Ecofirst, strengthens sustainability offerings

Tata Consulting Engineers Limited has acquired Ecofirst Services Private Limited, which was a joint venture between Milestone Capital Advisors Limited and J. Leon Group (UK). With this acquisition, Ecofirst becomes a 100% subsidiary of Tata Consulting Engineers Limited.

Ecofirst provides design consultancy in sustainability solutions for the building environment. Tata Consulting Engineers Limited is a leader in engineering consultancy services in key industry sectors - primarily Energy, Utilities, Construction, Steel & Metals and Mining & Minerals. Tata Consulting Engineers is associated with the African subcontinent since the past three decades working closely with government and private organisations in the region towards driving the African vision for growth and development. Several private, public and specially funded projects have been successfully commissioned in sectors such as Power, Mining, Infrastructure (Townships, Water & Waste Water), Chemical & Industrial. The Ecofirst acquisition aligns with the African vision of sustainable development and hence has relevance to Tata Consulting Engineers' services in the region. .....Read More

Interview with Mr. S.V. Sriram, Senior Vice President (BSG Operations), Tech Mahindra Ltd.

S.V Sriram (or SVS as he is popularly known) is the Senior Vice President – BSG at Tech Mahindra. SVS is an accomplished and mission-oriented leader with an impressive experience of over 30 years in directing operations, projects, and setting up new initiatives and ventures. SVS has proven dexterity in leading huge teams and managing global customers. At Tech Mahindra, SVS heads Sales, Marketing and delivery of domestic BSG programs. He also leads strategic engagement in Africa and their BPM and Solutioning portfolios. He also set up BSG delivery centres in African sites at Nigeria, Ghana, Zambia, Malawi, Congo DRC, Congo B and Gabon.

Interview for publication: Indo-African Business Magazine www.indoafricanbusiness.com Interview conducted by Rachana Chowdhary, Executive Editor, Indo-African Business: rachanacv@gmail.com AFRICA – EMERGING OPPORTUNITIES, EMERGING GROWTH .....Read More

Tech Mahindra's Employee Exchange Program

High Performers from Africa attended Employee Exchange Program in India

To gain experience in the global scope of business and cross-office collaboration and integration, Tech Mahindra provides its employees with the opportunity to participate in the Employee Exchange Program

Employees selected for the program have the unique opportunity to work in India office for 2 months. They handle multinational accounts, develop new skills, and gain first-hand experience with diverse business environments and cultures across the global network.....Read More

Africa at the cusp of Broadband Revolution

By Santosh Anchan, Portfolio Management Group, TechMahindra.

Introduction - Arrival of Under Sea Cable link

Over the last decade, the African region has been the world's fastest growing region in terms of mobile penetration. Whilst fixed line penetration has stagnated at 4% in Africa, mobile has grown at an astonishing rate to 45% with North Africa leading at 73%. However same is not true for broadband and it lags behind considerably....Read More

Power Projects Boost Regional Economy in West Africa

Electrification projects in West Africa are driving the region's economic development, resulting in growing demand for equipment and services from suppliers around the world. This is according to John Thomson, Managing Director of Exhibition Management Services, organisers of the West African Mining and Power Exhibition (WAMPEX), the region's foremost power and energy exhibition. WAMPEX takes place in Accra, Ghana from 6 to 8 June 2012......Read More