May 26, 2019
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Tech Mahindra's Employee Exchange Program

Tech Mahindra's Employee Exchange Program

High Performers from Africa attended Employee Exchange Program in India

To gain experience in the global scope of business and cross-office collaboration and integration, Tech Mahindra provides its employees with the opportunity to participate in the Employee Exchange Program.

Employees selected for the program have the unique opportunity to work in India office for 2 months. They handle multinational accounts, develop new skills, and gain first-hand experience with diverse business environments and cultures across the global network. Selected employees then bring their experience back to their home offices to share with colleagues and clients. They literally act as the brand ambassadors for their home offices.

7 high performing employees from Africa were brought to India office of Tech Mahindra and were trained for 2 months according to the Employee Exchange Program. We noted their experiences from their responses and got an overwhelming feedback about the Tech Mahindra – Employee Exchange Program (EEP).

Obed Shelter Honyah from Ghana, Team leader Tech Mahindra, says, "EEP helped me in understanding and tackling new challenges. I learned varied nature of business handled by Mahindra group, it was a great and enjoying experience of being in India."

Sarah Graham from Ghana, Customer Support Associate Tech Mahindra, welcomed me with a Namaste, shows the influence of our Indian culture, further she added, "I loved my stay in India, did sight seeing, visited places like Delhi, Agra and many more. I enjoyed eating kadai chicken and chapati." She further commented on the EEP that she got trained on several operations of Tech Mahindra as well as a clear understanding of customer related aspects.

Mannaseh Phiri from Zambia, Customer Support Associate Tech Mahindra said that the EEP helped her in learning about new ways of doing business, different cultures and working with new clients. Also she would work more confidently once she is back at her home office in Zambia.

Angelline Useni from Malawi, Team Leader Tech Mahindra, quoted, "I learned in depth the methodology and intensity of quality training programs. Understood customer relations and assessing customers, and treating customers as king the Indian way, also gained knowledge about brand loyalty. This whole program led me to know Tech Mahindra as a wonderful organisation to work with."

EEP helped in understanding how to appreciate customer values and benefited in gaining knowledge about the operations of Tech Mahindra was said by Elly Ikamba from Congo BRC, Associate Tech Mahindra. Diana Mugamya from Zambia, Team Leader Tech Mahindra, told us that she was excited about her stay in India as well as she had a great learning from EEP too. She not only learned to tackle technical challenges but also learnt to accept NO limitations and be positive in her job.

Tech Mahindra – EEP completely shows the implementation of their RISE Campaign which says, "Accepting no limits, alternative thinking and driving positive change." These 3 pillars of RISE Campaign are being embedded in every employee of Mahindra group.

This is the nutshell of Tech Mahindra Employee Exchange Program. It recognizes and rewards top performing employees by providing them the opportunity to share best practices, work on interesting client projects, get first-hand experience of a different work environment, learn new skills and new ways of dealing with problems, develop relationships with global colleagues and learn about Indian cultures and traditions.