May 26, 2019
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South Africa reviews its flagship disaster management law

by Sanne Boswijk

The National Disaster Management Centre (NDMC) of South Africa is currently spearheading a review of South Africa's comprehensive Disaster Management Act of 2002. Although this instrument is famous for its incorporation of clauses on disaster risk reduction (DRR), its implementation has posed significant challenges, particularly at the level of local municipalities. The purpose of the review is to tackle these challenges by establishing the legal facilities for maximising the effect of DRR legislation for communities at the municipality level. As noted by Ann Bruwer, Executive Manager of Disaster Management Legislation, Policy and Compliance Management at the NDMC: "The South African legal framework not only outlines the organisation and structure of disaster management in response to disasters, but includes the institutional responsibilities concerning preparedness for emergencies and in reducing the risk of disaster. It is crucial that issues of disaster risk reduction, community participation and the link to climate change are adequately provided for in our reviewed legislation."

At the request of the NDMC, the IFRC and the South African Red Cross have joined a roundtable of experts providing input to the review. This coordinated effort is timely, as the IFRC, in close cooperation with the South African Red Cross Society, is currently conducting a research project with the University of Witwatersrand into the effect of the Disaster Management Act at the community level in South Africa. Like the NDMC, the researchers concluded that, although there are pockets of excellence, implementation of the South African Disaster Management Act has not yet had the desired effect on the disaster preparedness of local municipalities.

A draft bill including amendments to the Disaster Management Act is expected to be presented to Parliament in 2012.

Country Projects: Mozambique

Mozambique is a country which is highly vulnerable to natural disasters, particularly floods. The IFRC has been working together with the Mozambique Red Cross Society to advocate for the development of clearly defined and formalised national coordination mechanisms for disaster preparedness and response, and the adoption of the IDRL Guidelines into national legislation.

Country Projects: Namibia

Working in conjunction with the Namibian Red Cross Society and Namibian national authorities, the IFRC is planning to conduct a new technical assistance project to assist the government in assessing its preparedness for international disaster assistance.

Country Projects: Uganda

Since 1998, the Red Cross has been part of the development of Uganda's national disaster management policy. In more recent years, the IFRC has become actively involved in supporting the Uganda Red Cross Society in its efforts to further the country's legal preparedness for international disaster response.

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