June 16, 2021
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India-Africa Forum 2011

Exploring Indian investment opportunities into Africa

I recently attended the India-Africa Forum 2011, an event from the Financial Times Limited in association with the Frontier Advisory held in Mumbai recently. It was interesting to have noted an overwhelming buzz in the conference room with participation from various C-suite executives evaluating their business propositions for Africa. I summarize below the discussions for the benefits of our readers......Read More

Doing business as an SME in Africa

SMEs first ever International Expo being hosted by "The Standard", Zimbabwe: October 28-29th, 2011.

Small to medium size enterprises (SMEs) have the potential to turn around the country's economy provided adequate funding, sound infrastructure and effective institutional structures are put in place. Globally, SMEs are being hailed for their pivotal role in promoting grassroots economic growth and equitable sustainable development....Read More

Why do most SMEs remain SMEs through their entire lifecycle?

India has been the talk of the world markets for quite a few years now from an economic growth perspective. It is a no brainer that the SMEs play an extremely important role in driving this growth for any economy and India is no different. The Indian landscape boasts of having more than 30 million SMEs and more than 60 million people being employed by them. Currently, the SMEs contribute to more than 20% to the GDP. These basic numbers are just to understand how important the segment is especially for India....Read More

WTC & AIAI announces India's first Futurallia event 'INDIALLIA 2012', an International B2B forum for Global SMEs

INDIALLIA 2012 is being hosted on April 23rd -25th, 2012 at Mumbai, India

INDIALLIA will host over 600 Indian and International delegates from 30 countries and will witness 8000 personalized B2B meetings.

Mumbai, India: October 12, 2011: India will witness its first ever globally recognized B2B forum based on FUTURALLIA titled as INDIALLIA. http://www.indiallia.com/. The INDIALLIA 2012 forum is based on the world's most sophisticated business matchmaking software FUTURALLIA. The FUTURALLIA forum has been held in several countries including Canada, France, Poland, Africa, Qatar, Belgium and USA....Read More