June 16, 2021
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Tanzania: Indian Envoy Calls for Solid Indo-African Cooperation

INDIAN High Commissioner in Tanzania Sanjiv Kohli has urged a deepened allround cooperation between India, Tanzania and other African countries. Kohli said India and African countries should give serious considerations on ways to cooperate, learn and support each other for the sake of effective realization of the immense potentials from their people. He made the call recently in Dar es Salaam during the celebrations of the 70th Anniversary of adaptation of Indian Constitution.

The Commissioner stressed that coming from the same background of colonialism and later sharing the struggles against neocolonialism, India and Africa need to come together and talk freely about issues of democracy, good governance and human rights --which are core goals of independence and liberation struggles.

"India's attitude towards its general relations with Africa since independence has been formed by principles of South-South Cooperation such as respect for state sovereignty, non-interference, mutual benefits, equality, and shared prosperity," said High Commissioner, Kohli.

Source: allAfrica